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Veterans Home Improvement Loans
Texas Veterans Land Board

Program Overview

Veterans Home Improvement Loans is a program to provide loans to veterans to make substantial repairs to their existing primary residences. Property may be located anywhere within the state of Texas.

Who is eligible for this program?

Funds maybe used to make repairs on the borrower's principal residence. The loan funds may be used to make alterations, repairs and improvements only if the repairs will substantially protect or improve the basic livability or energy efficiency of the property, correct damage resulting from a natural disaster, or correct conditions that are hazardous to health or safety.

Household Income Limit: $ 1000000
Is this program for first-time buyers only? No

Property Eligibility Requirements

Allowable property types: Proeprty must be the borrower's principal residence.

Benefit Details

Maximum loan of $25,000 for up to 20 years on a fixed-rate note. For loans of $10,000 or less, the maximum term of the loan will be 10 years. The VLB must be in a first or second lien position. The maximum loan is $25,000.

Benefit: Fixed-rate, FHA insured loan.
Loan Term:20 years
Homebuyer Counseling /
Education Required:
Owner Occupancy Required:Yes
Other Program Comments:All property improvements should be completed within six months from the date of disbursal of loan proceeds. The Home Improvement Program cannot be used for refinancing. A complete listing of approved lenders, searchable by the county served, is available at

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