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Galveston Disaster Recovery Housing Program
City of Galveston

Program Overview

Galveston Disaster Recovery Housing Program is a program that provides funds to repair or rehabilitate homes damaged by Hurricane Ike. Property must be located in teh city of Galveston.

Who is eligible for this program?

Applicants must have owned the damaged home at the time of Hurricane Ike. Applicants must be current on child support and property taxes, or be in a repayment plan. Applications are accepted from low and moderate income homeowners. Funds may be used to rehabilitate, reconstruct, or elevate storm-damaged property.

Household Income Limit: $ 69700
Is this program for first-time buyers only? No

Property Eligibility Requirements

Property must be located in the city of Galveston.
Allowable property types: Single-family homes or duplexes

Benefit Details

No repayments are required provided that the homeowner occupies the property and does not sell or transfer title to the property for the duration of the predetermined affordability period. The deferred note is reduced on a percentage basis each year until the balance of the deferred loan is zero. Once the period of affordability has been met the deferred loan reverts into a grant and is forgiven. Maximum assistance of $100,000 for rehabilitation, $160,000 for reconstruction, or $35,000 for elevation.

Benefit: Unsecured forgivable promissory note.
Owner Occupancy Required:Yes

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