Houston Single Family Home Repair Program

Help is available to repair and rebuild homes of low- and moderate-income homeowners in the City of Houston. The Single-Family Home Repair Program evaluates damaged homes and helps make repairs needed to protect a homeowner’s life, health, and safety. The program gives consideration to seniors over the age of 62, families with children under the age of 18, and people with disabilities. In cases where homes are severely damaged, the program will reconstruct brand-new homes for homeowners.

At this time, the City has three options for home repairs:

  • Harvey Homeowner Assistance Program
  • Home Repair Program
  • Home Repair Program for 2015 Flooding Events

While these programs have similar offerings, eligibility requirements and waiting times may differ.

The City’s inspectors will determine how much needs to be repaired and estimate the costs for repairs. The total cost for repair will determine the length of the affordability period, which is how long a homeowner is required to stay in their home after repairs are made. If a homeowner sells or leases out their home before the end of the affordability period, they will be asked to repay a portion of the cost of the repairs made.

Minor rehabilitations are made to alleviate hazards to life, health, and safety. Minor repairs include repairs on roofing, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, siding/trim, windows, and doors.

Major rehabilitations preserve the existing home while also renovating a limited and specific area of the home. These repairs can be done on: structure, siding/trim, windows, doors, roof repairs or replacement, any substantial system such as HVAC, water, and wastewater, or anything else needed to make the house suitable for living.

Reconstructions are offered when the costs of major rehabilitations pass $80,000. The program will then demolish the existing structure and rebuild a home with new, economy-grade finishes.


Houston Single Family Home Repair Program